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Bidboland Persian Gulf Project named for 2020 World Mega Projects Award

The Persian Gulf Bidboland gas refining project was announced as one of the four finalists for the mega project of the energy sector of the 2020 World Award for Large Projects and Mega Projects.

According to the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (PGPIC), the Persian Gulf Bidboland gas refining project, which was recently named the country’s top project by the Ninth National Project Management Award of Iran, is among the four finalists in the energy mega project of the World Award for Large and Mega Projects for 2020.

Crude oil futures rise on spot demand

Asian gasoil price falls below gasoline

Petrobras CEO says 11,000 employees to leave company by end-2021

GPHA signs contract with Marshall Oil and Gas services

Shell recorded 46.6 per cent reduction in oil spills in 2019

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