Golden eagle platform

What’s it like to live and work offshore? This short video highlights the teams who work on CNOOC International’s Golden Eagle platform, the lifestyle onboard and how the staff get through their days away from family.

CNOOC International

CNOOC International, the international division of CNOOC Limited, is a global energy company with operations in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe. Our successful growth as an upstream oil and gas producer has been achieved by consistently finding and developing world-class assets. Our business is focused on safely exploring and producing from conventional offshore, unconventional and oil sands assets. As part of the CNOOC Group of companies, which span the entire energy supply chain, our size and capability create a competitive advantage that ensures we deliver long-term value…


گلدن ایگل

این ویدئو، سفری به سکوی نفتی شرکت گلدن ایگل، آشنایی با روند کارشان و سختی ها و موانع را نشانگر می‌شود.

این سکو روزانه 77 هزار بشکه در روز نفت استخراج می‌کند.

(بازدید 13692 بار, بازدیدهای امروز 1 )
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