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Production in the oil industry did not stop for a moment under Corona

At the ceremony of donating 141 special respiratory aids to Corona virus patients by the Ministry of Oil, Zanganeh said”Today was an opportunity for me to appreciate and thank the medical staff of the country for their contribution.” I know what hardships my friends are going through these days, what a heavy pressure they are under and what a sense of responsibility they feel.

Natural gas investments to climb, despite present demand weakness

Libya’s biggest oil field reopens, adding to OPEC’s challenges

Oil prices fall below $40 as Gulf of Mexico producers get back to work

BP kicks off gas production at Oman’s Ghazeer field

Chevron to lay off 700 Houston staff in drive to cut costs

Norway’s oil production to recover as mediation ends labor strike

by: Mohammad Hossein Aghabozorg
(بازدید ۳۷۱۸ بار, بازدیدهای امروز ۱ )

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